How to buy HER / Him the right sex toy?

The very idea of buying your lady / boyfriend / partner a sex toy can raise numerous challenges. Where to start. This link is helpful to help the poor individual to make that right and super important choice. Good luck. The research is in-depth and also has some great links to the the top best […]

Surely, this is NOT the future of our Sex LIVES? – Robots?

Wow, what’s the world coming to? Life-like sex dolls. I’m guessing some of us will love them. Hat’s off to the imaginative. Why not? Word of caution though. Let’s still keep a hand on reality – your partner/s, your simple toys, your reality…. Enjoy the video  

Women are all the buzz in the Chinese sex market

Love in modern China is changing. Certainly when it comes to sex, Chinese women are more confident in what they want. This could be reflected by the growing interest in sex. Research by two Chinese journalists show how the sex toy market is addressing the need of Chinese women, not just satisfying the fantasies of […]

10 top tips about our products

We are delighted that you have found us and hope that you source something in our catalogue that tickles your fancy. As we are launching the site we have introduced numerous “sales” items across all the categories. When making your selection, here are a few tips to help you choose the right items. Be bold. […]