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Leather High heels locking belt

high heels locking straps

High heels locking belt The high heels locking belt is simple but effective. These neat little locking straps will mean that there’s no escape once placed on your feet and padlocked. material: leather colour: black, red size: 32*5cm We have many essential toys in stock. Check them out here We have them under our Bondage […]

Ankle Strap Pumps with 12cm thin stiletto heels


Ankle strap pumps Ankle strap pumps which are beautifully designed for that submissive feel. Whether you wish to dominate or feel “locked-in”. These elegant stilettos will certainly provide you with feminine pleasure. 12cm high heels to ensure that you walk with feminine elegance and grace. Impossible not to. Impress your LOVER. Click, click, click of […]